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    My Labrador retriever

     " If you search for the enthusiastic and obedient partner for hunting or simply gentle and true friend, there are no doubts: your choice should become labrador.
     Its advantages are uncountable. And among lacks - only that it too loves you. Its fidelity does by its dog of all family because it loves children, searches for their societies and forgives to all of them".

Prince Rainier III of Monaco

     This site is devoted my favourite detkam - Kristi and Tuchke, and also breed Labrador the retriever as a whole.
I have tried to collect the helpful information on this breed.

      History of love to Labrador

      Dog I, as well as the husband, wanted since the childhood. But I at parents have hardly elicited a cat. Now, having the family, I have got... A cat. And then one more. But the dream continued to live in us. And here we were solved. Have stated the ideas in hearing and... Have listened to the whole falls of notations and reproaches from associates.

      Has passed a floor of year. And somehow, coming back from the market, we with the husband have seen the girl near to whom there was a small dog. The husband has told: " Look! It in fact labrador? ", I have answered: "is not present" (in fact labradory - large, statnye a dog). But when we have overtaken them, I have seen, that it is simple still the puppy of months 4. I be touched, as beautifully and easy it went near to the mistress by crowd of people.

      All road home we thought only of the puppy labradora. I at once have rung round all nurseries labradorov the city and have learned, that darlings shchenochki one of these days will be born. I waited the malyshku since its h first day of birth.

      As this time of languor and as our meeting with it is joyful was heavy. I prepared thoroughly: has bought bowls, vitamins, a heap of toys, different kostochki, ears, povodki and collars. In fact it is the first dog! I have certainly gone too far. A collar huge (we only here recently have started to dress). Bowls are small. Toys still early. Kostochki are not interesting. In my memory day when I have brought Christie home, has remained as one of the most light in our life.

      Friends long twisted a finger at a temple: " Two cats in an apartment, and they still get a dog... Madwomen! " But to us was all the same. In fact it is our life, our responsibility.

      We for one moment have not regretted about our choice. It every day brings to us the sea of light and love!


  •  I Represent Labrador retriever Tucha.

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